Baggage Services

Baggage Services are available to customers through our licensed concessionaire, who offer professional wrapping, sealing, strapping, packing, storage and shipping services operating under the “Quick” brand: Quick Wrap, Quick Store and Quick Ship.


Uses strong plastic film to protect against handling damage and to prevent items being inserted or removed. Please click on the image below to view the offered services, along with their prices.


Uses strong sealed plastics to prevent spills: perfect for protecting items containing liquids and foods.


Uses corrugated boxes with foam and loose fill to keep contents securely in place.


Prevents against accidental or unauthorized opening of baggage and boxes.


Short and long term storage is available for personal effects and luggage, through a secure counter facility. Security lockers are also available. No liquids may be stored.

Customers using the luggage storage will be required to fill in suitable documentation, provide a passport to be copied and sign a disclaimer. A tag with a unique barcode will be scanned and attached to baggage before it is stored and a receipt will be provided. Customers wishing to reclaim baggage will be required to show ID and provide their receipt. Any baggage not claimed within 6 months will be destroyed.

Printing, binding and email

Colour printing and wire binding services are available for customers needing last minute documents for a meeting. There are also fax and email services. Credit card and cash payments will be accepted.


Customers can ship baggage and other items to avoid paying excess charges when checking in. The process is easy and without hassle and can be done at the airport.

QuickShip works with several key partners including Al Tamy, Al Tayar, FedEx and Aramex to provide the service best suited for each customer. Shipping can be done either door to door or door to port, by sea or by air. A road option is also available for GCC countries.

All shipping documentation including customs declaration can be completed at the shipping facility.


Wrapping and packaging facilities are now available at Terminals 1 & 3. The same services will be available at Terminal 1A, Terminal 2 and City Terminal from 20 December 2014.

Storage and printing facilities are available at the Terminal 1 and at the Arrival Hall.