Mawgif Car Spa

Mawgif Car Spa

Welcome to Abu Dhabi Airport’s Mawgif Car Spa - a premium car grooming service catering to passengers, visitors and customers who are passionate about maintaining the aesthetic value of their cars, inside out. From car protectant and cleaning services, to scratch and scruff repairs, our dedicated team of highly trained car grooming, detailing and vehicle protection professionals offer a range of services and options tailor-made to suit your requirements and budget.

The Mawgif Car Spa offers three unique car grooming packages designed to cater to travelers and residents.

Express Package

Designed to be timely and within budget, it is ideal for people coming to meet or greet friends and family arriving at the airport. The package includes a complete exterior wash using Gardx car shampoo, wheel cleaning, tire dressing and interior vacuum (excluding boot). The treatment only takes 45 minutes and is priced at AED 95 for cars and AED 135 for SUVs.

Deluxe Package

Designed for car lovers who see their vehicles as an extension of themselves and desire utmost presentability, the Deluxe Package includes everything in the express package plus water blasting of wheels, boot vacuuming, interior window cleaning, door trim cleaning, interior cleaning and ashtray emptying. The treatment only takes 45 minutes and is priced at AED 180 for cars and AED 235 for SUVs.

Platinum Package

Designed for people with a taste for luxury and perfection, the package includes all the offerings of the Express and Deluxe packages, as well as water blasting of the engine bay. The treatment only takes 45 minutes and is priced at AED 295 for cars and AED 395 for SUVs.

Additional services start at AED 30 and include:
  • Full dashboard cleaning
  • Air conditioning vent cleaning
  • Ashtray cleaning
  • Interior deodorizing
  • Engine bay cleaning
  • Wheel arch cleaning
  • Ceiling panel cleaning
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Seat shampooing
  • Upholstery stain guarding
  • Air conditioning treatment
  • Interior window cleaning
  • Interior door panel cleaning
  • Interior switches cleaning
  • Foot pedal cleaning

Scratch ‘n’ Scuff Repairs

Enjoy speedy scratch and scruff repairs on site in the car park, as Automotive Repair Systems from the UK work their magic on your car.
  • Alloy wheel refurbishment starting from AED 399
  • Chip and scruff repair starting from AED 499
  • Interior repair
  • Glass repair + headlight rejuvenation starting from AED 99
  • Paintless dent removal starting from AED 449
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Car Protectant Services

Protect your car from the elements before you travel for your next business meeting or holiday with Mawgif Car Spa’s Car Protectant Services. By using premium and internationally awarded car protectants that go beyond waxing, we preserve your car’s lustrous sheen and protect your vehicle’s paintwork from all threats.
  • Following government legislation, most car manufacturers now have to use water-based paints that are safer for the environment but are far more vulnerable to fading and oxidization.
  • As such, vehicular paintwork constantly faces elemental threats from harmful elements such as sand, detergent, tree sap, industrial fall out, acid rain and the powerful UV rays emitted by the sun.
  • To protect your car’s showroom sparkle, its paintwork needs reinforcement that goes beyond the short lasting protective qualities of modern wax polishing, which loses its potency every time you wash your car with detergent.

Gardx Car Protectant

At Abu Dhabi Airport’s Mawgif Car Spa, we only use the internationally awarded Gardx car protectant. The Gardx car protectant forms a highly resilient protective layer over your paintwork, shielding it from harmful elements and providing a lustrous showroom sheen that is resilient after every wash. Upon application, Gardx permanently bonds with your paintwork, creating a protective coating that acts like an added layer of skin which is resistant to all attacks and contamination from pollutants.

Once it settles in, the Gardx system then shields your car from all external threats such as sand, detergent, tree sap, industrial fall out, acid rain and the powerful UV rays emitted by the sun, leaving it with a lasting high gloss finish that persists wash after wash. With proper maintenance and regular conserver treatment, you can rest assured knowing that you won’t have to polish your car again for the duration of your guarantee.

Feel free to come back to us for ongoing conserver treatment to reinforce your car’s paintwork. 

Let us give your car a lasting showroom sparkle, inside out, for just AED 995

Book online now and give your car the special treatment it deserves. For more information, please call 055 657 7451 or 02 505 2528 or visit